To obtain, something of equal value must be lost

Ask me anything   Submit   My names Joey, Im 20 years old, and I made this tumblr thing because I was bored. :p To be honest I dont exactly know what else to write in this thing..I tend to think too much and spiral out of control..maybe this thing will help me find a balance in my life.


    Reflection Field

    American artist Phillip K Smith III (Previously) for this year’s Coachella festival, created an installation of shiny cuboids that by day provided a series of mirrors, but by night were transformed into neon towers of light

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    Katherine Baxter

    "Katherine Baxter’s work is exquisite, whether small or large scale. Meticulous research goes into every ‘jewel’ like piece, and the pleasure she derives from producing these, is communicated to us all. There is complete mastery of the axonometric projection, as can be appreciated in her grand London and New York posters. It is, as if one is transported by hot air balloon, floating gently over all those much loved and beautifully painted landmarks.” David Driver Head of design, The Times

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    Space Origami: NASA’s Foldable Solar Array

    When sending things into space, cargo is limited and costs are high. That’s why Brigham Young University researchers and NASA are using origami to develop ways of making solar arrays more compact. The current design allows the array to expand from 9 ft. to a whopping 80 ft. in diameter once it’s deployed in outer space. The array is expected to generate 150 kW of power, a significant increase over the 84 kW currently produced by the International Space Station. The absence of sliding parts in the solar array also decreases the likelihood of malfunction since scientists would only need to launch, deploy and monitor a single system.  


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    Biggest books in the world

    Here are three examples of really big books. While the first is modern and is more of a gimmick than a book meant for reading, the other two are very real: it concerns a choir book from the 16th century (middle) and the famous Klencke Atlas from the same century (lower image). While they are rare, such large specimens, they do represent a tradition. Choir books, for example, needed to be big because they were used by a half circle of singers gathered around it in a church setting. If you are impressed with the size of these objects, just imagine turning their pages!

    Pics: more info about big books in this post in my project blog (source of top two pics); the lower one features in this Tumblr post I wrote a while back.

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    X-Wings from the original Colin Cantwell models, to the Joe Johnston designs, to the final models being painted by Grant McCune.

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    Stare too long into the fiery eyes of this awesome Darth Vader wood-burning stove and you might start to hear the voice of Emperor Palpatine in your head. This geektastic appliance was created by Barnsley, England-based Instructables member doddieszoomer, which means that we can all learn how to make one too. It all starts with an empty propane tank and some scrap iron. Telepathy and psychokinesis are completely optional.

    Click here for complete Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner build instructions.

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The only acceptable birthday cake

so when you blow out that candle you’ll be killing that charmander happy birthday u sick fuk



    The only acceptable birthday cake

    so when you blow out that candle you’ll be killing that charmander happy birthday u sick fuk

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